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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 8, 2013 2nd Offense Felony Non-Payment of Child Support Sentencing

Well, sorry it has been a while since I posted on here. Things have been busy the last year and some justice has finally been had in my case. As I can not stress hard enough, the only way to get the courts to fully enforce the rights the State of Michigan has given to them to pursue the Court Ordered support(s), is to push the courts yourself. This is a tiring and often frustrating task to take on. Don't be quiet, stand up. You must attend every court action, keep accurate records, get a copy of the FOC handbook and highlight what actions can be taken and point those out to your case worker. Follow those sessions up with a well written letter (can not stress this enough...must send things in writing), send to the FOC Enforcement Officer assigned to your case and be sure to cc (carbon copy) to the FOC Administer, Circuit Court Judge, and The Michigan Attorney General Child Support Division. Be factual in your accounts of what has transpired in your case and what was not done that so that it will be noted in your file. Believe me, you may think this will end up in a trash can, it's not, it goes into a your file and will help as your case progresses through this tedious and often misused system.
I know this for a fact, it has taken years and I have had my case moved through 3 separate counties (same case though). But I alone have pushed and through my pushing, letter writing, verbally demanding when warranted stand, I have managed to get the deadbeat in my case finally charged by The Michigan Attorney Generals Office and convicted for his 2nd Felony of Non-Payment of Child Support. The deadbeat in my case is my ex-husband and father to my 2 children. He has since 2007 been living on "contract 1099" jobs as to not be traceable by the system and has become over $50,000 in arrearages (enough to warrant this prosecution). He has served 5 separate stays in county jail (1 being his 1st Felony, the other's for contempt of Show Cause) since 2007. On November 8, 2013 he was sentenced here in Calhoun County Circuit Court. The attorney representing the Lansing Office of The Attorney Generals Child Support office was present and I did get to speak to her in length about my case, what has and what was about to transpire. She had all my correspondence, she conducted interviews with our Enforcement Officer (who like me or not, was forthcoming and did admit that I had not received all that could hand and should have been done). I had a Victim's Impact Statement I was prepared to read before sentencing. I was told that there was a plea agreement on the table and accepted, that they where happy for me to be heard, but not to expect any change. The plea agreement was for him to be released that day with time served and 18 months only of probation. I was not accepting this, and I have that right to state that fact and ask for the plea not to be accepted. I did (please see a copy of the Victims Impact Statement at and to the total surprise to everyone in that court room, the Judge revoked the plea agreement and sentenced him to 1 year jail with the added sentence in luau of probation, that he appear mandatory every 6 months before the Circuit Court for a review of his payment and history until the balance is paid in full. This was the result of my statement and hard work.
I know and the attorney confirmed that this type of deadbeat often will not change. I do not plan on seeing any of the monies owed, if I do it will be a bonus. But justice was had, I had my say in court and my children seen how hard I have pushed and worked for them, I am the only parent they can rely on. He has even given that up and it is ONLY HIS FAULT.
So please, if anyone needs assistance, I would be willing to help anyone, we can build strength in numbers and help reduce and get better punishment for deadbeat parents.
Change needed in Michigan FOC system: Change is needed the Michigan FOC system

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm back, sorry for the delay. I'm back and ready to be heard!

It has been a while since my last blog post. A lot has happened and it has been a rough year. The ONLY thing that Hasn't changed....the continued LACK of ENFORCEMENT. Yes the beginning of the year started out with my ex-husband sentenced and serving his 4th jail term since 2007 (or according to his FB post after his release, his "VACATION")! He was released in March and since that time has made only 2 rediculous "Attempts" (i.e. bare minimum to keep Show Cause Hearing Order's from being issued).

What's worse is the effect it continues to have on my children....the true "victims". In April my eldest, who has been suffering from severe depression for a long time and refused counseling or help, reached out one last time to his "dad" by texting him one Saturday morning that he had enough and was going to end his life...8 minutes later he was taken out of the garage by police, where he was attempting to hang himself while I was at work. I'm thankful his younger brother was quick to call 911 and that the response was immediate. And the text that was sent? Wasn't answered or even acknowledged at all UNTIL 2 days later in sleep deprived and SEVERE ANGER on my part, I posted a VERY public and well deserved nasty post on the "Dad's" (loosely used term as he has done nothing in the last 8 years to even deserve that title) Facebook page from his son's mobile FB app, the very same son that at that time was in a Psychiatric facility and finally getting the help his so needed. The end result was a very scary situation ended up forcing the help and needed counseling my son had to finally accept to heal and move on. He wrote a very touching and to the point letter to his "Dad" while in there and it was basically the last communication he has had. He finally got to express that he is tired of the constant disappointment from false or broken promises, out right lies and BS excuses for not being there or not even living up to his obligations, and for not even caring to BE A DAD in anyway. To bad his "dad" still didn't get the message after all that.

It is October now and still can not get any "enforcement". Last "Attempt" was on July 18, and as of today is still over $43,000 in arrearages. I have taken suggestions seriously and created a Facebook page. I hope that everyone will at least visit, friend the page, or even just "like". We need to get our voices back out there and push for changes in the system....I would love to see Social Media as part of proof (lets face it, pretty easy when most dead-beats confess like my ex their employment, joke about how they "screw" the ex and essentially the "system"), and other information that is pertinent to the FOC case. Also, tighter enforcement actions (90 days of not payment is ridiculous before anyone in the FOC system will even look into possible Show Cause) is a COURT ORDER, and should be given NO more then 40 (give only a 10 day "grace" period). Automatic license suspension, this can be done by linking FOC to DMV records, after all they are ALL a Michigan government ran agencies. Tougher and more linked FEDERAL tracking of non-custodial parents. This not just a Michigan problem, and may dead-beats flee to other states and there are no repercussions.

PLEASE, go to the Facebook page and join, post, share, and like...we need to keep fighting in order to be taken seriously and get changes not only for our cases, but the many more the happen every year. Thanks for hanging in there!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Change is needed the Michigan FOC system

Hello to all that hopefully read this. There are hundreds of thousand of custodial parents here in Michigan who like myself have had to encounter the Michigan Friend of the Court system. Like me, you may find that your non-custodial parent has chosen to be a dead-beat parent and that getting help or "enforcement" from the FOC is nearly impossible. I have exhausted every thing possible, from letter's to Judges and local offices, to the Attorney Generals office in Lansing. Followed up with phone calls that only lead to the same response or answers..."They have done all that they are willing to do, that given history, it is not cost effective for the office to pursue any further actions." I have read the FOC handbook and NO WHERE in that book or online at the State Government website does it state that the courts just "give up pursuing court ordered child support cases".
I am looking to gather information, voices, support and willing to go forth and demand in anyway possible that our local and state officials hear our stories and make the necessary changes to our system to actually set forth new regulations and requirements to do what the system was set up to do...ENFORCE CHILD SUPPORT UNDER EVERY ASPECT OF THE LAW. Please post your comments or stories, as I will continue with mine. Pass this site on to any parent you know facing this system. Together faces get louder and heard. This is important to our children who are the real "victims" of the misuse of the law in this system.
Thank you to all and hope to hear from you!

Please click on the link below: Petition for Change in Michigan FOC. Signatures on this petition are needed so that we can help get the word to Lansing that we need changes in the FOC system. It is also greatly appreciated if you "share" this link on Facebook, twitter, email, ect. Just click the share links below. Thank you!
Michigan Dead Beat Criminal Watch
FOC Underground Task Force
Petition for Change in Michigan FOC